Pastor gets the mercy

Book Distribution in Malawi, Africa

By Murari and Rama Gaura

We arrived a week back and have started going out on book distribution in
the shops and outside colleges. Its quite different compared to other places
I have been and so we are happy even when 1 book goes out.

In one shop, (an ISUZU motorcar display showroom) I entered and
went into the 'spare parts' manager's office. He was African bodied and
looked quite the intellectual type. He showed a lot of interest and was
excited when I explained the philosophy to him in brief and ulimately added
up the price of all the books (laws of nature, life comes from life, civ and
transc and SSR) and took all of them. He then said that he didn't have
enough money but wanted the Gita next time. Apparently he knew something
about it from before, he said he heard it was very good. When I asked for
his card I saw he was a pastor. His name was Pastor Chewanga. He preaches
Christianity. He says he likes to read a lot and heard about the Bhagavad
Gita and had wanted to try and get one.
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