Pastimes of Lord Jagannath

Lord Jagannath didn't want to leave!Some brahmanas from a local village, felt that they could offer LordJagannath a better standard of worship and they wanted to worship Himintheir village. Therefore one day they came and stole Lord Jagannath.Whilecarrying the Lord accorss the fields they all suddenly felt the need toanswer natures call, so they put Lord Jagannath down and went to passwater.But upon returning they found that they could not lift Lord Jagannathanymore, so they went and brought some more men to help them but try astheymay, they just could not budge the Lord. Then they realized that Hedidn'twant to leave Rajapur, so they came back and sorryfully told thepriests,"your Deity is out in the field and wants to come back". So two pujariscameand picked Him up and carried Him back home.****************************************************************************5) EpidemicAnother time there was a very serious epidemic in this area, a lot ofpeoplewere getting sick a some of them were dying. Lord Jagannath appeared inadream to the pujari and He told him of a medicine that would cure thisdisease. So in the morning he called all the villagers and told them togather the ingredients to make this medicine but one ingredient theycouldn't find because it doesn't grow in this area. But later on in theday,a small boy came, carrying a branch and he gave to the pujari's wifeandsaid, " I have brought this for your husband, but he is not here, so Iamgiving it to you." So when the pujari returned and saw that branch hebecamevery excited and said, "Oh that's just what we want, this is the lastherbwe need to make this medicine! Who has brought this?" - "Oh, a verycharminglittle boy brought it. I don't think he was from this village, for Ihad notseen him before." So they made that medicine and everybody becamecured.From that day Lord Jagannath has earned great respect even from thenon-Hindus.6) Offense to the maha-prasadamLord Jagannath is very popular here. He is known as a very powerfulDeityamongst all the different villages in this area, even the Muslimssometimesworship Him. On snan-yatra they bring their offerings. We have a bigfeaston that day. So they all bring milk and eatables to offer to LordJagannath.One time on snan-yatra, this was about 15 years ago, two rikshawdriverscame. One rikshaw driver took some kitchari prasadam and he also tooksomefor his friend, who was a Muslim and didn't want to come in. Therikshawdriver said to his Muslim friend, "I brought you some prasadam anyway",buthis friend threw it on the ground and said, "We don't eat thesethings." TheMuslim at that night in a dream saw: Lord Balaram was sitting on him,squashing him and beating him like anything, and the man was comingveryfearful. Subhadra was there too. She was laughing and She was saying,"killhim, kill him!" Also Lord Jagannath was there and he said, "No, no, nodon'tkill him." And Lord Jagannath was laughing. The next day this Muslimcamevery humbly before the Deity and offered some worship for LordJagannath andalso asked for some maha-prasadam kitchari. But there was nothing left.There must be a little he pleaded. So the pujari went and searched thepotsand found a little bit, and he happily took that._____________________________
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  • Hare Krishna Mataji, very nice pastimes. Thanks for sharing. It helps to understand the moods of the Lords.
  • Lord Jagannath pastimes are really wonderful and he is most merciful for the fallen souls of Kaliyuga. Please bless me Mataji so that I can also understand these pastimes.
  • hari bol! thanks mataji for telling us the true stories of Lord Sri Jagannathji . it is very helpful to develop my faith towards Lord Jagannathji. Thank you .

  • mathaji, will you pls tell me about lakshmi temple in puri,?        who is SHE?  RUKMINI?    
  • very nice posts mathaji, thank you
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  • thanx for the post mataji... this is just wonderfull... Jai Jagannath
  • harebol .... most merciful Lord Sri Jaganath ki Jai !!!
    Nice message to info sharing .
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