This was the first non-rainy day in some time and the weather forecast indicated that clouds and showers will rain for the coming days. What’s happening?

Regardless, we took full advantage of the sunshine by making our presence in several parks. First of all, I had a picnic, with a family from Brampton, at Ramsden Park. Meeting a swami is a first for them. Rajasuya, who is very committed to bhakti yoga and assists me substantially, introduced me to this family who were curious. Our time together was brief. My day was almost ridiculously hectic but oh well; it’s another day for God.

In the early afternoon a group of us monks and weekend visitors were off to High Park, which is such a splendid place for a bhakti pow-wow. The park is overrun by caterpillars — at least it was. They have vanished and transitioned into moths. My God! They were flirting about in abundance. We were not sure whether to rejoice or cry. Alec had the misfortune to have one dart right into his mouth while chanting. It didn’t go in far enough to get swallowed. He spat it out. Had he not he would have gained a little bit of extra protein. Attendance and response to our chanting was just divine, and so too were the sections at Trinity Bellwoods Park. The place was packed.

Josh joined us by playing the cojon and we got to talking after the chant; all about spirituality of course. There is an attractiveness to our circle of sound and wonder. Park browsers came to capitalize off our effort.
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