Packed Day, Good by Bhaktimarga Swami

8082479477?profile=RESIZE_400xIt was 7 PM. I was in my room just wrapping up on a zoom call with Argentina when David came to my door.

“Are you coming?” David asked in anticipation of our nightly staircase kirtan.

“Yes,” I responded. “By the way, I have to go!” I told the people on the Zoom call. “Good-bye!” I said, as did they. Along with an appreciative, “Gracias!”

We hit on a good topic—the theme of Achintya-bedabeda-tattva, which translates as “the inconceivable, simultaneous principle of oneness and difference.” Also, sometimes it is referred to as the unity-and-diversity concept.

During our class discussions we cited so many examples in our life as to how this tattva, or truth, exists. It is all-pervasive, like the sun and the sunshine. We find it all around us, indeed—ever-present, like oxygen. Another example is the vast Atlantic Ocean and the small quantity of ocean water cupped in your two hands. The quality is one, yet he quantity is different.

The presentation with Buenos Aires was preceded by a Zoom conference with the Toronto community, “Confronting the Impersonalism Within You.” Interesting! Not only is there a philosophy out there known as monism, a de-personal approach to God, where the personality of God is denied. What’s more, in our own human dealings we can trace the tendency towards insensitivity also.

I then gave a third class, to Cameron from Hamilton, on the topic of the Banyan tree—Chapter 15 of The Gita. I did no walking today but did stretches galore, to build up agility in the legs. Also, our drama practice is going smooth. Stephen, our Jamaican friend, plays the blind king.


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