O lord please help me..

O lord of all the three worlds,**Kindly look upon this fallen soul**Sleeping in the lap of maya curled,**Enjoying this world whole and sole......****Your beauty unparalleled and beyond compare,**Steals the hearts of the purest pure.**Yet this fool has not time to spare,**To treat this disease which has no cure........****No cure except the chanting of the Holy Names**Is the only remedy so rare.**Yet I am busy playing games,**With Maya, neither fear nor care.......****O Lord, I beg you with all my heart,**Kindly help me through this journey of life.**Most difficult and hard to part,**Full of stress and painful strife.......*****
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  • hare krishna matazi ah can u teach me how to write poetry ok pamho hare krishna
  • Hare Krishna ..Mataji
    It's not just a poetry for me but it is a truth of any struggling devotee.
    Gr8 poetry...Mataji Hari bol..!!!!
  • Haribol!!! Great mataji... I like it very much.... Thanks...
  • Nice mataji. One of the qualities of a vaishnava is that he/ she is poetic
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