It is also found in Garuda Purana, very interesting, that Lord Shiva was approached by all the Devas, that there was a demon called Andhaka, that they had to destroy him.

So then he took from all the demigods, he took energy, and he made a whole army of celestial energies, with destructive power called...they were called the Matri Danas, the mothers!

But actually they were destructive. Instead of going after the demon, they started to go after the ordinary citizens; They were devouring everything, planets, starts, people, destroying the skies.

So then Lord Shiva, he didn't know what to do!? So he started to pray to Lord Nrsingadev. I didn't bring the mantras, beautiful mantra..Lord Shiva praying to Nrsingadev. Om Namo Jagannathaya!..Lord of the Universe..Nrsingaya! So many nice verses that, "You're..thousands of, brilliant-like thousands of Suns", and maybe about eight-ten verses, very beautiful..Shiva's prayers to Nrsingadev in the Garuda Purana.

Then Nrsingadev appeared and Shiva requested Him.."I created these destructive energies. It's not right that I destroy them, if You can somehow neutralize them I'll be very grateful."

So from the Nrsingadev's mouth, from His tongue manifested thousands of spiritual energies, and then each one of them to one of these destructive energies and neutralized them!

HH Jayapataka Swami Lecture - Pastimes of Lord Nrsingadev
5th May, 2007
Moscow, Russia

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