Now to the west by Bhaktimarga Swami


I landed in Vancouver at 10:35 am. My boarding time for Nanaimo on the Island was for 10:35, hence the rush was on for a mere 10 minute flight. Gadhadar was there to greet me in style with a kurta top and green dhoti bottom with gold trim. Walking off through the Nanaimo terminal, the tinniest you could imagine, the two of us were a sight from another world.

A lunch appointment was set for the home of Tamalie and Walter. Walter we met at the beach at Departure Bay and, there, at a majestic maple I sat down for my noon-time gayatri mantra, before seeing Tamalie and daughter, Annapolis. Tamalie Chakravarty is a dynamic woman who has hosted Chariot Fests in town.

Now, to reach Chemainus, the site for a wedding tomorrow. The location is actually the residence of Gadadhar and Manoharini, a haven for garden mastery with plants, pond, a wheel treadmill. It is a dreamy place which includes a temple of Jagannath, the Universal Lord.

After a meal of Kichari I took to the trail the Cowachin Valley, a section of the TransCanada Trail, which extends for 28,000 kilometres. I could manage only 4 of that length. A mighty eagle was in flight above my head and a turkey vulture was swirling about nearby. And because I have Dutch blood in me I naturally have to admire flowers along the way, wild as they are.

I felt blessed to meet some of the bride's family members who also, like me come to town to give them well-wishes. The bride's name is Nitai Priya and her groom is Tony.


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