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Not the Best News but Laugh Anyway by Bhaktimarga Swami

Connor and I took the commuter GO train westbound to the Burlington area, there to meet up with Dr. Pandith (aka Jagannath Misra).  Apart from yesterday’s chiropractic visit, I had scheduled a physical check up with a Dr. Singh.  Tests showed all to be fairly good, but between the two medicine men, Pandith and Singh, there arose a question about my recent flare-up on the right side.

Pandith drove me to Joseph Brant Hospital for a cat-scan which revealed something to be concerned about.  Some blood-clotting has occurred that has risen  into  the chest area.  I trace it to the flight to Mauritius.  It is dangerous when lungs are hit by this type of blood issue.  So now I’m on blood thinners, and for my own health's sake, restricted in travel, by air especially, for a good month or more.
When I reflect back on this recent trip to South Africa and Mauritius, it had too many stress elements to it, which was however, no fault of anyone.  I want to thank those persons who helped me to explore these physical hiccups and for their advice on remedial regimen.  I will for the time being reduce stressful travel and continue daily walks, but at a slower pace.  I can't walk with gusto.  It affects my breathing.  Coughing or sneezing also puts a little risk of pinching in the chest.
I'm going to ask my friends not to put out too many good jokes because that also challenges the pressure on the chest for now.  I just got over hearing a good one by W.C. Fields the other day, and you might like it.  Someone asked him, "Are you busy?" His answer, "I'm about as busy as a pickpocket in a nudist colony."

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