No Walking, Just Flying by Bhaktimarga Swami


Patience was tested with airlines. “Delay” was the common word. Passengers even made their way to board the plane. We sat for two hours inside with a promising “ready to go” when (out of the blue) we were assigned to “deplane” and “come back later.” I was quite impressed with people’s tolerance level. There is always something to be learned from others and it doesn’t always come out of a book or one’s personal guru. Messages are heard (or should be heard) from all angles. God, as guru, is everywhere.

From Calgary, I flew to Toronto, and from Toronto, it’s Port of Spain for a re-routing of aircraft having missed my connecting flight. Some of the celestial air travel was by massive bird conveyance, like Garuda. And one never tires of hearing about vimanas and flower aviation travel called puspa rata. Such mobility of the Vedic period was smooth operating and without hiccups, I would imagine.

As we are to understand, technology was very advanced for the longest period in that pre-Kali Yuga. Modern man boasts of technological achievements, but I think we can appreciate what advancement preceded us by intelligent civilizations. It might be an idea to read up on the epic poems of the Vedas. 

The final leg, or wing, of my journey—crowded, austere—but when I remind myself of my purpose, I feel relieved. And it helped when repeatedly rolling an ice cube over the face and almost bald head. 


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