I am sorry but I won’t be able to report any kilometres (or miles) these days. I’m off my feet. My mind still races, though, and in merely a flash, I’ll be in Mayapura, India, hurriedly moving from my room to the Samadhi Auditorium and back, or walking on a trail by the Assiniboine River in Manitoba. I am covering many miles, mentally, each day but I would have difficulty nailing down an actual record, really.

In any event, one of the physician friends of our ashram, Jagannath Misra, came over to see my condition. He observed my knees and gave his diagnosis. “What you’ve got is shingles.”


And just as the doctor recognized my shingle situation our roofer, Victor, came in from outside, after a look at the leaky roof above my room. The word “shingles” resonated with him.

So now both areas of concern need to be addressed — the ceiling and my legs. We are getting at it and at the same time I’m catching up on more rest (which you cannot do standing up or while the legs are in motion), some reading, some viewing and some communicating, via phone.

It’s all so wonderful but I must admit I miss the trails and trees, the people and the parks.

Time is on my side. No miles but getting smiles.

Source: http://thewalkingmonk.blogspot.com/2021/03/sunday-march-7-2021.html

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