Night Tree of Colour by Bhaktimarga Swami

7971284075?profile=RESIZE_400xDespite cooler temperatures most trees in the area remain a rich green. Some, like the maple, are starting to show its true colour. At the end of the street from the temple/ashram you have got a majestic maple that is not just “showing” but it’s “showing off.” And it’s under that tree where, in two days, I’ll meet with my philosophical/spiritual friends for discussion. For now, a lit park lamp-post in the night is all that is necessary for the splendor of this tree to catch my fortunate eye.

With this vision my weekend ended, after Zoom classes and meetings. The day also included a good salad, endorsing papers for furthering spiritual education at one of our centres, speaking to Russians about the power of sweet mantras, watching videos of people who met our guru, Prabhupada, and much more. All culminating in the admiration of a tree.

My walk was deliberately brief—advice from my physio-therapist. I’m not doubting him, like I won’t doubt Mars getting close, and like I did not doubt, in our reading today, that a great avatar by the name Chaitanya, descended to establish this phenomenon of kirtan, under the plea of a concerned saint who sought a world that was slipping into darkness and danger.

I’m glad there are trees of color that offer hope.


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