New year

what is the vaisnava way of celebrating new year?


Srila prabhupada told , For us everyday is new year because krishna is everfresh & evernew & we are celebrating him , but these materialist people need to drink this poison to forget all the frustrations, misgivings of past year , we dont need to celebrate by being intoxicated as that is pleasure in mode of ignorance, we can celebrate by being intoxicated in holyname.

Morever this is not new year according to vedic tradition, as per vedic calendar the new year comes on diwali where we light candles, do puja , distribute sweets , gifts, buy new clothes & celebrate on the other hand if u see the way nowadays the people celebrate by getting drunk , vomiting sleeping till next day thus they welcome the new year in hangover, bcos that is the western culture of celebrating things by getting drunk to forget all miseries, people celebrate new year according to english calendar bcos all countries were ruled by british, europeans , thus they passed on their dirty culture to us .

A vaisnava can meditate that i have got a limited time to fulfill my goal to achieve krsna & i am one year closer to death , i should become more serious, sincere , determined & bring urgency in my chanting, taking shelter of srila prabhupada books, , we can welcome the new year by attending mangal arati,chanting in association of devotees, visiting the nearest temple or hearing a tape of our guru maharaj or srila prabhupada.

Thus wishing you all a very very happy & krishna conscious new year.

(Based on talks of H.H.Radhanath swami)

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  • Hare Krishna Prabhu
    Wishing you Happy Krishna Conscious. New Year
  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji!!!!


    Radhey! Radhey!

    Such a wonderful message for all.  It shows a great difference between Krishna Consciousness Society & Non Krishna Consciousness Society.  I sincerely wish all devotees of Lord Krishna a very prosperous new year.  May Lord Krishna keep you all, yours family members, relatives, friends, neighbors well and happy.  

    He bless you all!!!!!!!!!!!! with full of Krishnamayi new year 2015

    Your Humble Servant

    Bhuwan Dutt Bawari

    Hare Krishna!!!!!!!!

  • hare krishna prabhuji

    wish you a very happy krishna consciousness new year.

    Thank u for this lovely message.

  • wishing you all a very Happy and A Blissful New Year.... May Our Lord never let us bereft of His Grace and Love...HARE KRISHNA
  • thank you very much for your encouragement subrahmanyam prabhu wish u also a ver happy new year
  • Dear Prabhuji, Hare Krishna....Thank u very much for the most wonderful, eyeopening message for one and all in the socieity, whether they are vaishnavas or else.  I wish u a very happy krishna consciousness new year Prabhuji....
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