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1.  Buy, Grow, ONLY Certified Organic Produce and PRODUCTS

2.  EAT ONLY certified Organic Produce after it is offered

3.  Cook with spring water ONLY, do not use chemically treated water to cook or drink with.

4.  Plant only organic non-GMO, non Monsonto seeds.

5.  Water your gardens with non-toxic chemically free well water.

6.  Do use only organic fertilizers


Do you have any more to add?

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Comment by Rankin Fisher on June 12, 2015 at 3:38am


Perhaps a better Title would be "Healthier Bhoga Standards".

I am unaware of any change in official ISKCON Regulations on this subject.

I appreciate your efforts to promote healthier foodstuffs.

Offering Food (bhoga-arpana)

ys, BHR

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