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Dear Devotees,
We are pleased to announce that The Nectar of Lockdown, Volume 2 is now available in English (232-page soft cover book). In his talks in May 2020, Niranjana Swami gives invaluable instructions on keeping Krishna’s holy names prominent in our daily lives and the proper consciousness to develop. These talks were given relatively early during the COVID-19 global pandemic, following those published in Volume 1 of The Nectar of Lockdown. Although many pandemic lockdowns have been lifted, the message is relevant beyond the context of the COVID-19 pandemic; it is relevant to our ongoing lockdown in this material world.

This volume also comes at a time when a devastating military conflict is ongoing in Ukraine, bringing incredible suffering and anxiety to millions of people. As experienced devotees should know, no one is exempt from suffering in this material world. If the suffering does not manifest in one way, it will manifest in another way to varying degrees—whether it is caused by a pandemic, war, natural disasters, personal health ailments, or other reasons.

Topics in the book include:
Understanding Krishna’s chess moves; the sum and substance of Lord Chaitanya’s mission; Lord Nrsimhadeva’s protection; pleasing Krishna; proper utilization of time and association; proper sankirtana; the power of the holy name; and so much more. Beautiful illustrations are included in the book.

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Available Now – Krsna Protects His Devotees (English)

Dear Devotees,
We are pleased to announce that Krsna Protects His Devotees is now available in English (171-page soft cover book). Krsna Protects His Devotees is primarily a compilation of talks given shortly after the military conflict broke out in February 2022, affecting the lives of many devotees in the areas of Ukraine and Donbas. The main attempt in producing this publication is to offer some spiritual support and answers based on those given by Srila Prabhupada and our previous acaryas to those who may be looking for it.

This publication includes inspirational talks by Niranjana Swami, Devamrita Swami and Radhanatha Swami. Devamrita Swami writes in the foreword to this book:

“Krsna Protects His Devotees” is a unique publication that will nourish devotees in all times and all places. It is a delicate portrait of spirit souls undergoing a human experience of extreme duress. His Holiness Niranjana Swami lovingly grants us precious and privileged access into the bhakti fortitude of the Ukrainian devotional yogis. Can they survive, endure, and even advance spiritually, amid the woes of human-contrived destruction? Meditating upon the pages moves our bhakti life forward—arm in arm with devotees materially shattered but spiritually vibrant. Yes, Krsna protects them. Wholeheartedly we can all learn how and why.

This publication provides an inspiring overview of the bhakti community in Ukraine and topics, such as: transforming material fear into spiritual fear; Krsna’s protection of anyone who remembers Him; understanding why devotees undergo difficulties; how we should be praying for ourselves and for others; and much more. The contents of this publication are not only relevant to those affected by the military conflict, but to anyone who is suffering in the material world.

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