"Pupils of Hindu ethnicity in Netherlands are primarily from Surinam. Surinamese Hindus in general are better educated and are in better paid jobs than Turks and Moroccans."
"Pupils in Islamic schools have parents either from Morocco or Turkey."
"Moroccan and Turks immigrated to the Netherlands as (unskilled) guest workers, while many of the Surinamese already had received an education in Surinam and immigrated in order to pursue higher education in the Netherlands. But the number of people attending such schools (Hindu or Islamic) is very small indeed."
"The vast majority of children who attend Dutch Hindu schools have a Surinamese background, many also have parents with lower Socio-Economic-Status (SES)".
"Dutch Hindus appear not only to perform, on average, better than other minority groups in schools (Van Niekerk, 2004), they also appear to integrate at a faster rate than other 'non-Western' immigrant groups. Partly this is because of shared characteristics with Dutch society, but also social aspirations among Dutch Hindus are consistently high, and in general their orientation is towards the mainstream culture."
"Dutch Hindus hold that one has to adapt to the country where one lives, actively participate in its social and political life, and abide by the
laws of the country."
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