I had a nice experience in Columbus Ohio at Ohio State
University. It was the 7th day I'd worked the school and I
usually don't work the same place that long so I was getting a little
to move on.

I was approaching people and not many were taking, but I continued and
all of a sudden I handed the book to this wonderful soul and he
exploded in jubilation. He said, "Woa! This is incredible!"

He started going off about how he was amazed that this was happening
and how
cool he thought it was, how he had been looking for a Bhagavad Gita
and was
just starting to become interested in spirituality. His voice and body
overflowing with excitement and enthusiasm and as I gave him an
to the temple he said he would definitely go. It was so cool how the
changed from frustrating to exhilarating in one moment.

From then on it was as if I was just watching myself interact with
the living entities like a marionette in the hands of some
puppet master. It became entertaining to see what kind of episode
would play
out before me from moment to moment as I continued in wonder enchanted
what was going on.

Especially at colleges it seems like I meet someone every day who has
similar reaction as this person and every time it inspires me so much
continue. Hoping this inspires some others as well.

Your servant,
Madhukari Dasa
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