Nectar - Books to book Shops

Once I was distributing books in Melbourne with Dhruva prabhu. We
decided to go to Geelong just an hour and a half south of Melbourne.
prabhu went the day before and I was due to meet him the next day. I
got caught
up doing things and although wanting to get out early did not reach
till 3pm. Anyway I thought the day was lost as I would get to where
Dhruva was
with no result.
Just prior to this I had been experimenting with wholesaling books to
alternative book shops with some success (selling them $200- 300 worth
books). So Krsna inspired me to see if there was an alternative book
shop in
Geelong. I found one such shop and showed the manager the main books I
had. He
asked me to show him everything I had. So I got all different books
from the
van plus CD,s. He ended up taking at least 2 of everything which
included all
of Srila Prabhupadas' books, art books, childrens books, cookbooks ,
books from
Srila Prabhupadas' disciples and CD's. It came to $2000 worth! When I
found Dhruva telling him of the book shop at 5pm he was amazed at Lord
inconceivable energy.
The shop owner took $1000 worth of books another time and has been
books ever since but not in such large quantities . So he is also
wonderful service selling Srila Prabhupadas' books to many varieties
people.He and his shop assistants really like prasadam so I take them
Sri Sri
Radha Vallabhas' maha prasadam when ever I visit. So I would encourage
all book
distributors to look for alternative book shops in whatever town you
are at.

Your servant,
Rupa Raghunatha das,
Sydney Australia

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