Neat Building by Bhaktimarga Swami

I'm staying at Cdad. de La Paz 394, the location of the Buenos Aires ISKCON, and it’s an interesting building.  If I was a kid (and who’s to say I won’t be one again), I would be in bliss within this structure.  It was a former school.  It has all these neat hideaways and narrow-to-wide staircases, some of them so tucked away.  Whoever designed the place was artistically eccentric, I would think. The only thing missing are tunnels.  I mean, we don't have architecture or building codes like this in Canada.  Unless, of course, you consider the city of Moose Jaw, where gangster Al Capone hid himself underground during boot-legging days.

I spent most of my day next to the kitchen, in the prasadam-eating room, for our drama practices.  To get there from my accommodations, on the rooftop, I have to go through all these nooks and crannies. 

At 3:00 pm, I had an appointment with Bhakti Bhushana Swami, a monk visiting from Germany.  He stays halfway up in the building.  We had a good chat.  He had just come from a radio interview. The broadcaster addressed the problem of serious social issues in not only Argentina, but the world.  The swami's resolution was that we live in a time of confusion, and to note, that the current age is astrologically known as the Kali-Yuga, a time when enlightenment and simple self-discipline are not a priority.

I was happy he shared his interview with me, after which I was compelled by schedule to go down the back way. It was almost a secret passage.  I'm doing a lot of ups and downs on stairwells, rather than walking on level ground.
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