Narendra modi at Malad stall

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a celebrity book distributor at Malad stall. For a first few days scores at Malad were not upto the mark. We would sell around 20 books in 3 hours. Last week Rajesh Prabhu though of an idea and he implemented it. He bought A4 size pictures of Naredra Modi receiving BG from HH Navyogendra Swami. He also bought pictures of Sachin Tendulkar and Amitabh Bacchan receiving BG from devotees. While announcing we started showing this pictures in one hand and BG in other hand. Navkishore Prabhu's intelligent announcement also played a role and people started visiting the stall in large numbers. Interestingly many people from the Muslim faith has also attracted to the stalls after seeing modis picture. Ved Vyas Prabhu interacted with quite a few of them. We are hopeful that all the Urdu books will be sold!

Guess what, the scores literally doubled. Now we are 40 plus a day!. Thanks to Narendra Modi that BG is continuously in news and people are inquisitive about it. At Malad stalls at least half the customers are students or young professionals. Devotees got a huge database of youngsters who got the book. Now soon they all will be invited to various programs. 

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Santipur Nath Das

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