Narada as a Gopi

Narada as a Gopi

After Narada heard the glories of gopi-bhava (the exalted moods of the gopis) from the mouth of Vrnda-devi, the presiding deity of Vrndavana, an intense desire to lovingly serve the Divine Couple Sri Radha-Krsna as a gopi in Their most elevated amorous pastimes arose in his heart. He received the gopala-mantra from Brahma, the Grandsire of the world, and began to perform meditation and worship in raga-marga, the path of spontaneous attachment, in the wake of the gopis.
After doing this for long time, Yogamaya Paurnamasi dipped Narada in Kusum-sarovara, by which he received the form of a gopi. Thereafter, he received the ekadasa-bhava (eleven features that constitute one's true identity) in the path of spontaneous attachment and became qualified to serve the Divine Couple.
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