Prime Minister, Narendra Modi said in his recent address to BJP party workers to not give up and to not get tired (NA HARNA HAI - NA THAKNA HAI) in this long haul fight against the Corona virus, for the simple reason that, there is no other option. I was thinking that as devotees, this should also be our motto in our long haul fight against the viruses of lust, anger, greed, envy and pride in our hearts, for the simple reason that there is no other option. 

Either in the war with COVID19 or with our anarthas, we can't allow ourselves to get discouraged and give up. We have to keep the fighting spirit on - we have to keep marching ahead, come what may. We need to remember that in the face of crises and challenges - some defeats, disappointments and casualties are unavoidable. We need to have a brave heart, be ready to get up, pick others up, encourage each other and keep moving ahead. We need to remind ourselves that, "what is most important is how we finish the race". Therefore, whether it is the race against the Corona virus or the race against Maya, we need to somehow finish the race and finish it in style. Till them we need to keep encouraging ourselves, "to not give up and to not get tired - NA HARNA HAI - NA THAKNA HAI"
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