My belief in Lord Krishna was instilled when, as a youngster, my friend told that prayers have a lot of power in them and we should always pray to the Lord with all the faith in him. I have striven to manage the things I can control efficiently and the rest I leave it on to Lord Krishna. I have learnt to submit. Being spiritual for me is about Chanting and praying intensely to the extent that after a point Lord Krishna seems no more to be outside, but a part of my inner self. This is a contant endeavour for me and helps me establish holiness in my life.

All of us have bad days and i am no exception to them. But i am a relatively a dynamic person because i keep on memorizing Krishna at every point of my time that strengthens by belief on the Lord himself. I have eventually cultivated a habit to link everthing i see and hear to Lord Krishna's miracle, and to my astonishment, everything seems to be the perfect master plan, it also helps me to be more keen on learning more about Lord Krishna.

I am not religious, I am spiritual. I live my life on my own terms and have fought my way to make it this far. I will continue to do it at any cost. But i also understand that one does not have any control over everything, except that one can only be in control of themselves. It is all pre- planned and we are just following what Krishna desires to happen with us. It can be either the spiritual or material powers that controls our lives, completely depending upon the lifestyle of the person. If I am in a situation where i cannot control things or if i am not getting what I want, I know it must be for a perfect reason that Lord Krishna has decided for me.

I have the faith that Lord Krishna is always beside me to hold me back when negativeness approaches me, i just need to chant those magical words .....





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