my meeting with krishna..

it was yet another day when i felt like missing krishna....i told my mother that i wanted to go to govind dev ji(famous krishna temple in jaipur) my mother gave permission to me ..on the way i met one of my friends and he is also a devotee of krishna...he is from pusthimarg.. so i insist him to company me...he told that he has some work to done and asked me to help and i said okay but due to that work we couldn't make it to thakur ji shayana.aarti...i was so dispointed the doors of temple were already closed i took some dust from the doorstep and we were about to leave and somebody from behind shouted .. do you know any place near govind dev ji to stay for a night.... i saw a decent looking boy he must be around 19 to 20 years and his face was so attractive and thin mustache in his face making him look so innocent....i said i dont know let me ask the security guards sitting outside the temple..i asked those gaurds and they said there is a sindhi dharamshala very cheap and best to accomdate ..i asked that boy do you have any identity card coz its in jaipur they dont let you stay untill have a proper id proof...he said i dont have id proof but her aunt name kunti lives in jaipur after hearing name kunti my friend insists that boy to drop to his aunt place...we were just went 200 to 300 meters away and my friend in witty manner asked that guy are you human ..? boy replied sorry i didnt get you..? my friend joked and said you can be thakur ji taking our exam that wether we can drop you to your destination or not..time my friend said that my bike got punctured we were just half km away from govind dev ji it was around 10 pm it was impossible to find anyone who can repair my bike ...the boy was telling me sorry 100 time showing him as a friends says now its our job to really drop him to his destination..he said he will go by himself but we did cab the cab he waz keep telling me sorry as he thinks it happend all becoz of him...i said dont b sorry ...its happen... my friend told he will drop him by his bike he told us that he is a single vaishnav in his whole village and he only came to attend mangla aarti of govind dev ji..its sound.bit weird for me.that someone.from that far only came to attend mangla aarti of thakur driver droped me to my home and my friend took that boy to.his.home and dropped him....the boy told many miraculous my friend drope that guy he was disappeard like a bird...he gave a number to me and the day after i thought to rang him up...all i got to hear it from other side...the number you called doesnt exist...
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  • wow...miracle.

  • Wao..luckyy you!!!...lord Krishna comes to meet you....wonderful...I m imaging dis whole moment...n it feels lyk I m meeting himm....he is so kind to his devoteeess....

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