My Daily Prayers – A Gift From Sivarama Swami

By Sivarama Swami

Some years back, in response to repeated requests to write something about prayer, we published the prayers I recite daily upon rising. The name of the book is My Daily Prayers. While that book is now out of print, Lāl Publishing would like to make it easily available to devotees as an ebook, which can be downloaded from here:

At this time our planet and our devotees need prayer. No doubt many devotees have their own prayers. Yet some do not. It can be downloaded, there is no cost. You can forward it to whoever you think would value it or who would benefit from it. Our hope is that the contents will ease devotees’ concerns during the challenging times that face us.

With a prayer that Radha-Syama protect you all and enable you to remember their names, forms, qualities and pastimes whatever providence has in store; I thank you!


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