Music, Man and a Monk by Bhaktimarga Swami


It is clearly sandal weather. Only the evening is enticing for the outdoors so I hibernated inside most of the day engaged in chanting, delivering classes, reading, poetry writing, eating (and napping after that). Several initiatives took up a portion of the day such as preparation for the next MANtra retreat (for November 12, 13, 14) and planning for this year’s garden/farm conference.

The evening reading was from the Chaitanya Charitamrta (the CC) and the story was about the interaction between the Islamic leader, Chand Kazi, and Vedic monk Chaitanya. History tells that one day the leader broke up the kirtan chanting, a component of Vedic/Hindu tradition. A drum was literally broken and kirtan was to cease, until the two historic figures had a good little talk. From the dialogue it was agreed that there would be no more interface by the Kazi and that chanting by India’s indigenous people could go on, at least in the Kazi’s jurisdiction, for generations to come.

Now, back to my sandals and the mantra with my beads. I sat in the park and a musician was jamming on his saxophone nearby. No one stopped him from playing. He added to the peace of the evening environment.

All days should end in peace with some sound to lull you to sleep, or at least to leave a spark of happiness.

Chapter 6 from The Gita equates mindfulness, samadhi, to happiness and peace.


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