I do not know all my trees but I can pretty well identify the white pine on my walks and here in the near north, there are plenty of them. In Bracebridge you have awesome trees and in the greater Muskoka area in general, people love their trees. If you’re caught cutting down trees on your property or even what seems like an attempt at deforesting, the town authorities get on your case. I think that’s good.

In walking along Manitoba Rd, Vyasacharya, Jaya Gopal as well as Nimai and I noticed the trees edging the road are pine, maple, oak and more. It’s a diverse growth of green giants. And that’s natural; the way it should be.

This area is also blessed with lakes and rivers and waterfalls and some of the oldest rock in the world. After a fresh rainfall the fragrant emissions from the trees were so effervescent. It was really like Vaikuntha.

Most of my friends in Muskoka are actually my students (or disciples). They are business people in the hotel/motel industry so they are used to accommodating and caring for people. Devotionally they work together so well, like a team. That’s what I see with the trees. They are sharing space and are, in some way, accommodating each other. They appear to be so connected to their surroundings – the water, sky and rocks also appear to play a harmonious existence together.

Source: http://thewalkingmonk.blogspot.com/2022/08/monday-august-22-2022.html

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