Mother Cow Dairy!


By Krishnarupa devi dasi

A group of devotees in Melbourne have arrived at an amazing initiative, under the guidance of His Holiness Bhakti Rasamrita Swami, to supply ahimsa milk in commercial quantities.

The devotees teamed together in 2016 and located a dairy farmer willing to meet their strict requirements in caring for the cows. Every cow or bullock on the Mother Cow Dairy will always be cared for during their entire life cycle, whether they are producing milk or not.

Mother Cow Dairy is unique not only for how they care for their animals but also in how they process the milk. The cows are secured on a free-range farm where they are always away from force-feeding or other nasty practices of factory farming, including hormone or antibiotic treatments.

The cows at Mother Cow Dairy pasture feed in a park-like setting, and they get to keep and feed their calves freely, just as at New Govardhana.

Long-awaited Organic Certification is on its way and soon it will be certified organic, just to add to the benefits.

With the support of Melbourne Mahaprabhu Temple Management, Mother Cow Dairy milk is now being sold in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

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