More races of celestial beings

Other racesOf the less spoken of and less known races some form of description should be given.Kinnarasare celestials who sing similar to Ghandarvas however they resemble Centars of the Greek origin, in as much as they have a horse portion on the lower half and a human on the upper half. They are noted for living within the Asram of Kashyapa muni and the palace of Indra in Swarga. Whenever there is some major event they always show up also. Like the swayambara of Drupadi and the Rajasurya Yajna. There numbers are not known but they seem to be a very rare breed of being and are not mentioned in any great extentKimpurushasKimpurushas like Kinnaras are not mentioned too often and when they are mentioned it is attendance at some widely attended celestial event. They resemble a sphinx. They have the lower portion of a lion and upper of a man. One important mention made in Mahabharata was that Rukmi the brother of the famous Rukmini took the king of the Kimpurushas as his Guru in arms. This is a rare event and little light is shown aside for the fact that Kimpusushas must have been somewhat accomplished at arms if a king would seek one of them as a martial guru.SiddhasSiddhas are actually not so much a race of being but a class of being. Siddhaloka is a planet which is full of beings who are masters of mystic powers. It is described that many yogis and powerful ascetics live in that domain. Anyone performing the proper type austeriy and vow and gaining a mastery of mystic arts can live in that place. There is no talk of what exactly the race is which lives there but I would have to assume it is full of human risis who have attained some merit after life times of severe penanceCharanasare beings who live in the celestial worlds and which are professional riciters of prayers to the gods and other beings.Vasusare actually another name for the Gods. Anil is a name for Vayudeva. All the Vasus are actually such noteable personalitys as Indra Vayu and Agni just to name a fewRudrasare all manifestations of Shiva there are 11 in total and Shiva himself is considered the topmost of them
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