More Has Come by Bhaktimarga Swami

 Recently another responsibility has landed on my lap.  Canada’s territory has been expanded to include Alaska, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming; all of this for nurturing the mission.  Leaders of ISKCON, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, have now recognized this as one zone, and, in the context of the continent (minus Mexico), this zone is called the North Zone.  This additional chunk of land, snow and people (with an altogether fairly low population) has been conferred upon me with the help of Vrinda, a very competent lady from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and a few more able men along the line.
I see it as a blessing.  Included in this lot are Yellowstone National Park, as well as more bison, bears and wolves.  I’m afraid they may not be ready for philosophical discussions, and I doubt that I’ll spend much personal time with those glorious wild creatures. Anyway, for the time being, no one is going anywhere too far or too fast with the pandemic hovering over us.
I guess one of the reasons for the expansion is that I’m already in the Great White North, and these states mentioned above are more or less virgin territories, right nearby. Very few of our American colleagues have the time to venture up to these parts. Neither do I, for that matter, but with help from our up-and-coming leaders anything is possible.
I feel blessed with a fresh new frontier.  I feel blessed overall with service to humanity.

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