They celebrated the 40 years of Man landing on Moon. Which was proven that it was a Hoax. The Hindu news paper today showed the the pic of Moon Landing the Shadow is clearly seen. Still they are promoting to the people who love to get cheated.Prabhupad on Moon Landing.From the Day one Prabhupad refuted this theoryPrabhuapda said many things at different times. Sometimes he directly said the didn't go and it was some kind of hoax.And at other times he said they didn't go to the moon because they didn't experience the higher dimensional nature of the moon planet, which is a rational way to harmonize the Vedic perspective with the idea of three dimensional space travel.At other times he just said the whole idea was foolish and a waste of money. He saw material space travel as a foolish attempt to reach higher dimensions which can only be reached yogic practice.Prabhupada had an amazing level of insight into the foolishness of modern society and was able to so clearly expose it for what it was.
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