Mohini Ekadasi

Ekadasi Mahatmya: 
Once upon a time Lord Ramachandra asked His Guru Vashishtha,how to mitigate the  great distress due to His separation from Sita.The great sage Vashishtha said, “O Lord Rama! There was pious and prosperous devotee of Lord Vishnu named Dhanapala who also lived in city called Bhadravati. This devotee of Lord Vishnu had five sons where one of his son Dhristabuddhi was most sinful. He was extremely wicked, ill natured, had bad friends,He was also fond of gambling and drinking wine.He was degraded from his position in caste society and the pious community and became an object of hatred .He started stealing for his survival.Once he was arrested for committing a special kind of theft. He was taken to the King who banished him from the kingdom for good.Dhristabuddhi went far away and entered into a dense forest. Within the forest he became so afflicted with hunger and thirst that he began to kill beasts and birds indiscriminately and ate their raw flesh. For many years  Dhristabuddhi was always miserable and anxious, but one day, he arrived at the ashrama of the great sage and ascetic Kaundinya while wandering. With folded hands and great humility,he inquired how to get relief from his sinful activities through the atonement .The sage advised him to observe Mohini Ekadasi with all rule and regulations. Dhristabuddhi observed it with a great care.Soon he was relieved from all of his sins and got a devine body.Then Dhristabuddhi went back to God Head on the back of Garuda. Oh,Ramachandra, by observing Mohini Ekadasi, one conquers the illusion of material attachment. 
Suggestion : Please take one time Ekadasi Prasadam only if you can not keep full day fasting. At night you may take a glass of milk. Thus, you can take advantage of your health once in 15 days.
Thank you, 
Karunanidhi Das

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