There was a time in India when the people's main topic of any discussion used to be atma-paramatma, Brahma-Parambrahma, jnana-ajnana, Atma-saksatkar, Bhagavan-saksatkar etc. And it is not that only few brahmacharins or sanyasi spend their life discussing this , this was the main business of householders also. We see so many examples of great householders like Yajanavalka, angiras, prithu maharaj, king janaka. It is not that they were sitting idle , not earning their livelihood and only spending their life discussing spiritual subject matter, NO . They were earning their livelihood just to maintain their body and soul together but their only goal was self realization and God realization.Just like modern man first ask before doing any work what will be the monetary profit similarly in Vedic lndia people used to think and ask before any action that how it will bring self realization and how it will help him to serve the supreme Lord. People at that time were all brahmacharins because in whatever ashram they lived whether grihasta or sanyas they were all dwelling in Brahman, the whole culture were based on knowing Brahman just like in modern day people are Dhancharya because all day their only discussion is money money money.You go by bus or local train or in airbus the only discussion you will hear ,is where is money where is money and why they need money? To fullfill Kama or lust . And among lust sex desire is prime. So modern man is sukracharya also. Modern man is very expert in earning money and spilling semen, their aim is to become Dhanacharya and sukracharya but not Brahmacharya.See the whole culture of India now there is no discussion about vairagya(renounciation), tapasya(austerity), selfless loving service to God and humanity. From newspaper to electronic media to local train there is only talking about money and sex . Is this called progress?
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  • i dont know how youths like us live in the busy corporates and at same time practice KC, its difficult. phew save me Krishna

  • so true.....each word is........rather i have observed and found that talking about spirituality is looked down upon....if you discuss spiritual matters....ur commented upon as oh....so religious types.....and one is avoided.......i wonder if it may make others feel guilty about themselves or what else.......i guess we live in an immoral age......but still we have to be secretly engaged in our Bhakti......our only saviour....Lord Krishna!

    Hari Bol!

  • Hare Krishna,

    Wonderful by maintaining Brevity in your explanation, in the morass of this material world - people hardly going to appreciate such views!

    Our life is conjured with so many desires....to keep us binding in this material world....but thanks to our beloved master and only father in this world, who has given us the platform to raise and fight with Maya in  this world.

    Jai Gauranga!

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