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It was a treat to meet Maggie.  Here’s how it happened.  Karuna and I walked back to the ashram after a very successful kirtan at Bellevue Square  Park.  Ekalavya  was ‘reggae-ing’  from the harmonium, making sounds of joy, while Kohl was on the guitar. music drew all kinds of people, especially toddlers, with their parents, of course.  From what I could see, we left people happy.  And then it was time to pack up.

As the two of us headed north, we turned that corner at St. Stephen-in-the-fields. Karuna expressed a need to answer a call of nature, and there was the door to the church—open.  Sitting on the stairs by the door was Maggie.  I recognized her from the church’s website which carried the image of the sculptor of “Panhandler Jesus.”

“Hi! You must be the minister here?” I asked.  

“Yes, I am.”

“Can we take a peak inside?  I’m curious and have read about your church.”

Maggie, the priest-in-charge, was eager to oblige and give us a tour of this charm of a church.  The stain glass images are impressive, so is the pipe organ and the carved wooden benches for the choir.  There is a balcony.  The place is quaint and yet invokes that reverence that sacred space is supposed to. 

Maggie said of her community: “It is the best group of people.  I wouldn’t want anything else.”  She was speaking about a pride that is very genuine in spiritual circles.  

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