Mere Man Mandir

Mere Man Mandir

This song prays that Lord Krishna, Giridhari, the lifter of Govardhan Hill, will appear to us in the temple (mandir) of our mind (man).

Mere man mandir mein ek bar tum a jao Giridhari
Giridhari Banavari
Manmohan kunjavihari pyare a jao Giridhari
O Giridhari! I am begging You to enter, just once, into the temple of my mind. O Giridhari, O Banavari, You who reside in the groves of Vrindavan and attract our minds towards You. O beloved Giridhari, please come to me.

Bahut bar he ter lagai
karuna nainan mein ghir ai
ye roya ek dukhari pyare a jao Giridhari
So many times have I called out to You with eyes over-flowing with tears. This most unhappy person is pleading before You. So please, O beloved Giridhari, please come to me.

mag johat ankhiyan pathrai
dar dar par maya takarai
ye dekho dasha hamari pyare a jao Giridhari
Simply waiting for You my eyes have become weary. Maya is attacking me at every step. Just see my pitiable condition, O beloved Giridhari, and please come to me.

thori kripa idhar barsao
prem boond pyase ko pao
mein aya ek bhikhari pyare a jao Giridhari
Please shower some of Your mercy here also. Being extremely thirsty, let me drink just a drop of your love. I am nothing but a beggar, begging from you. O beloved Giridhari, please come to me.

bhaint nahin mein kuch bhi laya
khali nath tere dar aya
mein tera prem pujari pyare a jao Giridhari
I have brought You no gifts, my Lord, and have come empty-handed at Your doorstep. I worship You with my love, so O beloved Giridhari, please come to me.

pyar karo chahe thukara do
pas bulao dur bhaga do
mein sab vidhi sharon tihari pyare a jao Giridhari
You are free to love me or reject me. You may call me near or You may send me away. In any condition of life, I am a soul surrendered unto You, please, O beloved Giridhari, please come to me.
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  • beautiful as lord
  • Hare Krishna

    Very Nice Prayer...Thank U
  • very beautiful bhajan. harekrishna
  • Very beautiful and should be our every moment humbly approach Sri Sri Radha-Giridhari with crying heart.
    Jai Radhe!!!
  • Hare Krishna Mataji


    Really wonderful trancendental words Mataji

    Your Servant,
  • Hare Krishna
    Very Very Nice
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