Mentor at Mantra by Bhaktimarga Swami

9844167298?profile=RESIZE_584xAt the MANtra retreat today, brilliant presentations were made, for instance, by Partha regarding marriage and the topic “Making an Ally,” referring to relationship development. Yadunatha entertained us with his skits. He is just great at getting us to laugh at ourselves and our habits, which could sometimes come across as fanatical. Dravida blessed us with his MANTRA RAPS. Anuttama took hold of a panel discussion, all under the umbrella of “The Hero’s Journey.” One that I really relished, presentation wise, was Radhika Raman, who spoke about “Guides, Gurus, and Mentors.”

Some of his remarks were as follows:

“A mentor is one who sees the potential in the mentee.”

“A mentor will fail if he/she gets caught up in themselves.” (It’s not about numbers or money)

“A mentor brings about humility and confidence.”

“A mentor recognizes the weaknesses and the strengths of the mentee.”

“A mentor helps a mentee cross over a threshold.”

“Trust is born of truth. Truth is born of honesty.”

“More important than content is character.”

“The scariest person of all is oneself.”

Good stuff! The MANtra program is designed to empower, enrich, and enlighten men to become better performers of devotion to all.


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