The government recommended people to go into isolation except essential workers. Our Prasad distribution services now fits into the essential work category, health risk is there but we are following government advice and have a robust health strategy in place.

Almost all the charities have closed down in London due to the government’s lock down policy, thus creating a vacuum in many essential services, and as time goes, there is a serious danger of food shortage and people lacking the resources to buy food.

Even before this worldwide crisis happened there are 3 million school children in the U. K. that go to school without breakfast due to economic reasons and now the schools are closed, no school lunches.

Krishna’s Castle kitchen intend to increase from 2,200 plates of Prasad daily to 20,000 plates of Prasad over the next few days.

We have thousands of volunteers coming from our Extinction Rebellion friends, but we need to raise an extra £100,000 to get us through the next eight weeks.

*Curcumin*, found in the spice *turmeric*, has *antimicrobial* properties.

The scientific community also recognizes *ginger* as a natural *antibiotic* Several studies, including one published in 2017, have demonstrated
*ginger’s* ability to fight many strains of bacteria

Bhagavad Gita 17.8 Purport: Therefore to make food antiseptic, eatable and palatable for all persons, one should offer food to the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Please get involved, param vijayate sri-krishna-sankirtanam

Your servants Food for All team


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