Once Sri Nanda Maharaja, Sri Yasoda and the other gopas and gopis took Krsna and Balarama with them on a journey to the Ganga to take bath. That night, they rested near Govardhana. Krsna questioned the need for them to travel so far when all holy places reside in Vraja. He remembered Ganga-devi, and at once Bhagavati Bhagirathi-Ganga's strong current brought her to the spot, making a sweet sound. At the head of this current was Sri Ganga-devi, mounted on an alligator. This darsana astonished Nanda, Yasoda, and the gopas, gopis and other Vrajavasis.

Krsna said,"All holy places exist in Vraja. You wanted to bath in the Ganga, so Ganga-devi has personally appeared before you today. Please bath in her waters without delay." Thus appeared Manasi-ganga.
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  • haribol...
  • This is so every other story you write! =D
  • thanx for the knowledge about mansi ganga hare krsna
  • Jaya Lord Sri Krsna ... jaya Sri Ganga-devi ....thank you mataji for this short stori
  • hare krsna

    dandwat pranam
    mataji thanks for sending so wonderfull necter ..............which is impossible in this kaliyga ..keep it up for such a wonderfull seva you are doing .

    your servant

    chander parkash
  • Radhe! Radhe!
  • Radhe Radhe..........Sri krsna is ultimate............even demi gods and supreme lord heads pray upon Sri Ganga Devi..............
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