Making the Three Mark by Bhaktimarga Swami


Adam was coaching me once again as my physiotherapist and said, “You’re doing really good.” He gave some more exercises to add onto the regimen I already have. At one point he cautiously grabbed the weakened left leg and held it to a certain angle which caused some mild spasms to arise. I knew he knew what he was doing, being an expert in the field. I’m grateful.

He knew that my home (the ashram) was 3 km away because I mentioned it last week. “Are you doing three a day?”

“I’m not there yet but building up to it,” I said.

I went on my merry way with my walking cane, convincing myself that I’ll tackle the distance, which, on long marathon days this would be a cinch. I was thinking about the couple, Mahadev and Annapurna, who dropped me off and I was dwelling on their evolution. Their story is that they were once graduates of the Sivananda Yoga Society and gradually their interest led them to bhakti. A big part of that growth came from the purchase of Sapta Rsi, seven books by Prabhupada. 

I eventually caught up to them at the ashram and had a meal with them in Govinda’s. “We have been searching and we have found something very definite and to the point in the Bhagavad-Gita: As It Is. We now follow his lectures and hear bhajans from devotees.”

Looks like they are on to something.


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