Make Japa The No. 1 Priority I was reflecting on this....the importance of Japa cannot be over-stated, it's the most important part of our spiritual day and it's everything in our spiritual life. Good Japa means good reading, hearing and service.If our Japa is concentrated and focused, it means the rest of our sadhana will be concentrated and focused. Srila Prabhupada writes about the importance of Japa in the following letter:“You have to minimize your sleeping. If you cannot finish sixteen rounds, then you must not sleep on that day, you must not eat. Why don't you forget to eat, forget? Why do you forget chanting Hare Krsna? This is negligence, aparadha, offense. Rather, you should forget your sleeping and eating, and must finish sixteen rounds. This is called determination. This is called determined. So you are welcome to take initiation, but if you are neglectful, if you want to make it a farce, that is your business. I cannot give you any protection.”Letter from Srila Prabhupada 28/1/74
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  • I would appreciate the original author being given credit for this quote. This post was originally written by me and not Paras the future when you copy and paste a quote, include the author's name and the source of the quote.

  • Hare krishna
    u can find other means to sustain your Krishna consciousness..Like listening to lectures and kirtans while u do your chores...Thousands of lectures and kirtans are accessible form
    u can download them....this will certainly help your baby also
    HARI BOL...!
  • Hare krishna to everyone....please accept my dandvats...its good to see that u find da post to be effective....pran nath prabhu and shobana mata ji r very right... u shud always try to chant the harinaam whenever u find shud b like on your lips....this will also help your baby...u shud play prabhupad's ...Hare krishna n can sing or chant along....n yeah u can chant when ur child is sleeping...chanting one round properly takes approxi 10 min(it's the time i take) i guess u can easily start from one...
    hope this meets u in gud health...
    your servant...
    paras nagpal
  • Shobana Mata Ji has very rightly expressed how to find time & chant Hare Krishna MahaMantra. By utilising our time in this way, we can stay connected with Krishna. If you start chanting Maha Mantra, automatically you will steal time from other unnecessary activities & utilise the same in chanting.

    Hare Krishna, Mata Ji
  • i have a small baby of 5 mnths i find it difficult to complete my round or eeven chant one round on beeds at times prabhji.any advice for me will be welcomed.thank you.hare krishna
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