8418763077?profile=RESIZE_584xCharity given out of duty, without expectation of return, at the proper time and place, and to a worthy person, is in the mode of goodness. (Bhagavad Gita 17:20)

Those who give such charity without the slightest inclination for any reciprocal return are those situated in sattva guna the mode of goodness. Such aspirants will offer danam at an auspicious place such as Kuruksetra where Lord Krishna spoke the Bhagavad-Gita or anywhere along the bank of the 20

00 miles long sacred river Ganga. They will offer danam at an auspicious time such as during a solar eclipse or the holy day of ekadasi the 11th day preceding the new moon and the full moon. These are all charity situated in sattva guna.

The place where any charity is given, the time when it is given and the type of recipient of the charity are very important factors. The auspicious occasion of Makara Sankranti, the holy place of Ganga Sagar, and its pious pilgrims present before us an ideal combination, which is a rare opportunity for us to take advantage of and earn immense punya by giving in charity.

In Sri Mayapur Dham, we have such a wide range of opportunity to perform seva to the dham and dhamvasis and on this day which is known for its auspiciousness just by the simple act of giving in charity in the right mode, one can attain all auspiciousness.

I can be worshiped within the cows by offerings of grass and other suitable grains and paraphernalia for the pleasure and health of the cows, and one may worship Me within the Vaiṣṇavas by offering loving friendship to them and honoring them in all respects. (ŚB 11.11.43-45)

According to the Hindu calendar, there are 12 Sankranti days in a year. Each Sankranti marks the beginning of a month and is observed in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Punjab, Odisha, Bihar, West Bengal and Nepal. Sankranti also represents the movement of the Sun from one constellation to another.

It is said that on this day, the Sun God will make northward movement, uttarayana, and bring more light and good fortune. It is indeed a pious and up lighting time to engage our mind properly, in the right consciousness while offering our service or whatever seva we have pledged our minds.

Your good deeds of the past have bestowed you with blessings of wealth. When you share your wealth in charity for a deserving purpose, the wealth gets back to you in multiples!

Source: https://www.mayapur.com/2021/makar-sankranti-ganga-sagar-auspiciousness-in-abundance/

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