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In need of some inspiration to kickstart YOURSELF and your life? MAHATMA by ISKCON Desire Tree offers exclusive access to 100s of hours of video footage, blogs, and innumerable excerpts on meditation and self-development.

With over thousands of followers online, Mahātmā Dās has spoken on countless occasions over the past 4 decades. He expertises in helping individuals transfrom their lives by confiding in mantra meditation and reconnect with their Higher self. He has been traveling across the globe for years and years to speak about how forgiveness can change your life, and also how to maser the laws of realtionships, particularly your marriage. 

This app, which has manifested with efforts and support of ISKCON Desire Tree &, serves easy access to these interesting, transformational and imspring dialogues. 

Now available on Apple's App Store, iOS users can download the app on their iPhone/iPad at

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