Mahamantra- Very Powerful

Dear all Devotees,

WE all know it very well that Mahamantra is very very powerful. but I have experienced it. It was a very powerful experience.

I had a dream in which a very beautifull girl come close to me and then turns her head, I remember in my dream I was chanting  Mahamantra loudly. Suddenly the same girl turn towards me and offer me something to eat. I I took it from her hand, but was surprise to look at her face, it was all blotted with blood , she was eating raw flesh and same thing she offered me too to eat. but I kept on chanting( in my dream) it was so loud that people around me could hear it.

Hearing my chanting that girl got agitated and got furious, she screamed and I could hear  my husband telling me to move away from that place. but I firmly stood and kept on chanting, seeing this that girl also started chanting, I encouraged her to chant, told her yes come on chant chant chant ( as if there was some competition). I chanted with her too. Within 1 single chant the body of that girl started burning, my chanting was on, and her body was burning, finally it burned into ash.

I was not scared but people around me was very much scared with this.

This was a dream  which gave me more confidence and build ed up my faith more stronger than before that I m not alone, Krishna is always there with me and looking after me.

I felt so pleasant and confident after that dream, also need not to mentioned after that dream my chanting is increased both qualitatively and quantitatively.

I wish and pray for all sincere devotees for their protection and increase in there devotion.

Your Humble Servant.


Hare Krishna

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