Love the Krishna’s way

Krishna’s way of loving is different. Krishna’s love is eternal, its unlimited, it’s unbounded and it is unexplainable. Love to him and love for him is governed by your clear heart. The clearer your heart is, the near he is to you. If your mind if full of dirt and garbage, how can you feel his love. A clean heart is the criterion.

If you remember the famous incident of the Mahabharata, where Draupadi was insulted in front of the whole kingdom of Kauravas during Mahabharata (Incident of Cheerharana during Hindu epic Mahabharata). You will definitely recall that her pride was saved by Krishna. There is a very cute hidden fact deeply buried in this incident which indicates towards Krishna’s way of loving. That fact is so beautiful and lovely that if you could only understand and implement that one fact in your life, you would lead to him without any obstacles. Krishna says that is how you should love, that is how you should pray. The incident is like this:

Draupadi’s (The pandava queen) pride was getting insulted by Dushasana since Yudhishtara (The Pandava king) had lost her in the game of Chausara against Kauravas. Draupadi was crying and shouting for help but nobody in the whole kingdom could help her. Everybody had their own reasons for it. That kingdom contained few of the most powerful men in the history of India however nobody could show their virility to help her. Finally she realized that only one power could help her from that trouble and that is Krishna – the God, the only SAVIOUR. She started to pray to him to come and help her. But before Krishna arrived to help and save her, a long time had passed. The time went by.

After few days, she went to Krishna and asked him “Why did you take so much time to come to save me? Don’t you care for me and my respect Krishna?”. I was being indignified in front of so many people. 

Krishna replied, “Hey Draupadi, Do you remember the name by which you were calling me.” She replied “Dwarkadish”. Krishna said, “This is the answer to your question. You had called me from Dwarka, which is quite far. Had you called me by ‘Ghatghatkewasi’, I could have been there in no time. It is not that I am far from you. It depends on how you think I am. If you think, I am far then I am far. If you think, I am everywhere, then I am everywhere for you.”

The story might be symbolic but is a good indication of how you should love Krishna; in the purest form and with absolute trust.

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  • Hare Krishna Prabhu. Can i please know the meaning of 'Ghatghatkewasi'? Kindly forgive my ignorance. Pranams.
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