Love and Devotion

I heard this long back in a small temple in Sonepat. The temple priest was delivering lecture on Bhagavata one early morning in the month of Kartik.There was a competition among the consorts of Krishna over who have greater love for Him. One day Krishna pretended to be very ill. He cried of severe stomach ache and no medicine would soothe him. At last Akrurji prayed to the Lord and said that it is only He who can give a remedy to His illness. Then Krishna said only one thing can cure him and that is the dust of the feet of a lady. His immediate consorts Rukmini and Satyabhama bit their tongue and said they do not want to comit sin and go to hell by giving their charandhuli (dust of their feet). So Krishna asked Uddhav to go to Radharani in Vrindavan for an amicable solution.Uddhav left for Vrindavan immeditely on the instruction of Lord Krishna. The moment Uddhav informed her of Krishna's illness, she became very restless and started inquiring about the treatment. Uddhav told Radharani the remedy as suggested by the Lord. Radharani immediately dusted her feet and gave the dust to Uddhav and asked him to rush to Mathura. When Uddhav referred her of the sin she is committing by her action she reverted by saying that she is ready to go to hell thousand times for her Krishna.When Rukmini and Satyabhama came to know about Radharani's love and devotion for Krishna their infighting stopped.
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  • Excellent story Prabhuji. TFS!
  • Radhe Radhe,
    Excellent story.

    Take care.
  • Great love for the lord, nice one prabhu!! Hare Krishna.
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