Lord Krishna and the Bhagavad-gita

8781746874?profile=RESIZE_584xThis is a story which happened in Benares about 300 years ago:
There was one Brahmin who used to take bath in Manikarnika-ghat, a very nice bathing place. One day when he was taking bath he saw a young boy sitting on the steps crying. He felt very compassionate and he went and took the young boy on his lap and asked, “You look so beautiful, a nice attractive young boy. Why are you crying like this?”
“You look at my back,” the boy replied. So when the brahmin lifted up the young boy’s shirt and looked at his back, he saw so many cuts and blood was running. The man was very angry and he asked, “Who did this to you?” The boy said, “I will show you. Come with me.” The man was all wet, he was halfway through taking bath, but he caught hold of the boy’s hand, and the boy was pulling him. They went through the streets into the village of Benares, through small alleys and lanes, and they came in front of one small house.
The boy said, “The man who lives in here, he’s the one who did it to me.” And as the man looked, he realized that it was his own house. When he looked back, the boy had gone. So the brahmin went inside his house, sat down and began to cry. So his wife came and asked him, “What happened to you? Why are you crying? You are all wet.”
He said, “I saw this beautiful boy, he was so attractive, but he had cuts all over his back. And he said that someone from this house did it to him. I don’t know who did this. Why did he say it was someone from this house?”
His wife said, “Tomorrow you go to the same place and maybe he will come again. This could be some god, some devata.” So the next day he went, and he saw that the same boy was there, and he was still crying. He went to him and said, “My dear child, you said that the person who did this came from my house? What did you mean?”
The boy replied, “You look in your Bhagavad-gita and you will find out.” And while saying that he disappeared. So the man returned to his house, took out his Bhagavad-gita and began to study it. He had been learning Bhagavad-gita a few months before, and he had thought some verses were important, and he was thinking that this place was connected with another place, so he was making markings on the Bhagavad-gita. And while making the markings sometimes he would underline something.
He then went to his guru. He told the whole story and then asked his teacher to explain what was happening. His guru told him, “My dear student, how many times have I told you that this Bhagavad-gita is Krsna Himself. It is His own energy. So why are you cutting and drawing and doing all this on the Bhagavad-gita verses? In this way, you have offended the Lord, and that is why He is teaching you this lesson.” The brahmin said, “Oh, I am feeling very bad… I will never do this again.” and he begged for forgiveness.
The next day when he came to take bath he saw that the boy was again sitting there, but he was smiling. He came to the boy and fell at His feet, saying, “Oh, I am very sorry I have done this. Although You are a small boy, you have taught me a great lesson.” So then the boy got up and said, “Yes, I am a very small boy, but you must know that I spoke Bhagavad-gita and that Gita is mine.” He then disappeared for the last time.

Source: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=70373

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  • Strange, I do mark on the BG, highlight, underline. Have seen many senior devotees doing this. Couldn't understand the message. Please elaborate giving reference etc.
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