Lord Krishna and Hapiness (Equanimity)?

     Well, the work you do in regard to meditation and loving devotion brings effects. Even doing it for days brings effects. The question is consistancy and belief in yourself, others and the object of your devotion. It is easy to dismiss realizations as mere flickerings of the brain, as some weird result of concentration, whatever justification there may be. But what about the daily effects, the ones outside japa or kirtan? What about the growing feelings that you get day after day, that Lord Krishna is taking care of you, that everything will work out fine, because your safe within It's His grasp? What about the growing feelings, day after day, that all is Krishna and Krishna is all, that all living things (and inert),morph into what really Is, Krishna? What about the growing feelings of equanimity towards everyone (nothing to do with mellowish kindness), some kind of neutral-positive charge in your worldview, that removes stress and hate? What about the people that become fixed in Krishna, and thus with doubts removed? That's just too much to be dismissed as flickerings, so remember to be fixed in your goal if Krishna is in your heart. 

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  • Dandvat Pranaam Prabhuji, It so very much true...we do realize all the 3 things you've mentioned above, but there are several instances when we forget them when we are materially inflicted with pain (which is not good)..but gradually Krishna makes us realize whatever bad happened, happened for our betterment and advancement in the spritual science. Krishna is all merciful and has abundance of love for us and we must imbibe this fact- the sooner, the better! Hari Bol!! ys.

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