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Tapasvi Hanuman/Chari Chakra Hanuman/Asta-bhuja Hanuman

This Hanuman deity is Located at the north gate of Sri Jagannatha temple for the protection of the mandira. He is also known as Chari cakra Hanuman and Asta bhuja Hanuman. ”Chari cakra” means he is holding four cakras in his hands
Once the Sudarsana cakra of the Lord became proud thinking ” I am so close to the Lord and most dear to Him”.
Lord Jgannath is famous for destroying the pride of his devotees. Jagannath did not like the pride of sudarsana cakra thinking He was most powerful. Sudarshan started thing that the Lord was protected by Him & dependent upon Him. Lord Jagannath takes the help of Sudarsan cakra to accomplish any difficult job. Thus the Lord decided to correct sudarsan’s pride only to protect His dear devotee.
The Lord sent sudarsana chakra to call Hanuman. At that time Hanuman was engaged in tapasya at abhayaranya. Immediately the sudarsan chakra went to inform Hanuman that Lord Jagannath wanted to see Him and Hanuman started His journey to meet the his Lord. After informing Hanuman the sudarsna chakra immediately returned to the temple, reaching there before Hanuman. As Hanuman neared the temple gates, the sudarshan chakra started to move swiftly around the mandir paramiters blocking the path of Hanuman and preventing Him from reach the Ratna Simhasana.
Hanuman asked himself how can i meet my lord? He took shelter of Lord Jagannath simply by remembering Him. Immediately by the mercy of the Lord, Hanuman was empowered and developed six extra arms from His shoulders Thus He became asta bhuja Hanuman.
Four hands had four sudarsana chakras
2 hand were offering pranams
2 hand were chanting the holy name of the Lord.
Hanuman then proceeded towards the ratna simhasana to meet with Lord Jaganntah. After some time sudarsna chakra also reached there in great distress. Lord Jagannath wanted to punish the sudarshan chakra for his offence to hanuman and also wanted to destroy His great pride. Sudarshana chakra was ashamed to see Hanuman more powerful than Him and he had not been able to prevent Hanuman from entering the temple.
Thus the Lord cursed the sudarshana chakra that in the age of kali he will not have his disc form rather he would take the form of a pillar/stambha which will always  be at the left side of Lord Jagannath.
Note; In Vishnu Murthy form Sudarshan chakra is on the right hand of the Lord and The sudarshan gota cuse to be in the left hand side that too aas a stamba/pillar.

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