By Purshotam Govind, Anousha Maheshwary & Neeta Maheshwary

The appearance day of Lord Balaram symbolizes to resemble the devotees to be prepared for greeting Lord Krishna. Lord Balaram is firstly and in conclusion defined as THE SERVITOR GOD TO LORD KRISHNA. The caption compels the devotees to initially approach Bal Bhadra to serve Krishna. In fact, he is the ADI GURU (the teacher) for all the devotees, the purification GOD of our annuities onward restricting a devotee to be eligible for serving Krishna. He is the epitome of spiritual strength in enhancing Bhakti Tattva for a devotee.

ISKCON Parhalada Desh was blessed to get an opportunity to commemorate a spiritual congregation at the Swami Narayan Temple Platform on August 16, 2019. Hundreds of devotees gathered to pay their obeisance to Lord Balaram. The program commenced with the Maha Abhishek followed by an ecstatic heart purifying curtain by HG Ram Sakha Das & Jagannath Das which drowned them into the ocean of spiritual consciousness. Devotees were rejoiced with the informative lecture on the pastimes of Lord Balaram delivered by HG Govind Prabhu further, pursued by Aarti and moreover the Kirtan packed with spiritual vibrations of the Maha Mantra compelled the devotees to dance in ecstasy. At the end Maha Prasadam Feast was relished by devotees’ along with Abhishek Charna Amrit and also the outcome of the event ended up with devotees submerging into the devotion of Lord Balaram with a slight drizzling rain in the end highlighting the blessings of Lord Balaram.

Devotees from all walks of life attended the program and carried out various services for the devotees comfortable environment onward making the event successful. To please Lord Balaram for blessings ISKCON Prahlad Desh management under the directions and supervision of HG Ram Sakha Das passionately ensured affluent arrangements to make the event magnificent up to the ISKCON standards.

Concluding the article on a very positive note, the event was a tremendous success came as a result of the collective efforts of devotees with the mood of devotion under the influence of the blessings of Srila Prabhupada.

All glories to Lord Balrama..!
All glories to Srila Prabhupada..!

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