I usually pray before I leave for book distribution. I pray that I meet at least one sadhu who I can learn something from, and usually it happens. As I was getting ready and packing my books, about to head for the densely populated (by Arabics) Merrylands in Sydney, I was wondering, “Who is that sadhu I will meet today?”

I hung my Arabic caption around my collar and began searching for the sadhu of my day as I showed books to everybody I met.

There was a nice rhythm going on as well as decent conversations, with a reasonable number of books flying into merry hands in Merrylands. About close to finish time, Billal comes by with his mate and almost says no, but returns for a second look.

After a quick conversation, he says, “I promise to return after a cash withdrawal. Could you wait?” I told him that my car was parked close to ATM, and I suggested that we chat and walk. On the way Billal told me, “The reason I got interested in your books is that we Egyptians long ago used to be a very spiritual people and had a wealth of knowledge about the body, mind, chakras, and the soul. However, in time the succession was broken, and we lost it. It appears in your discipline that the succession has not broken. And I want to read all about it and reestablish this connection.”

I didn’t find out how he seemed to know about that verse in the Gita he alluded to.

His mate listening to our conversation got seriously interested, and they walked me to my car boot after the ATM visit, and both took enough books to fill their hands, along with my contact details for further enquiries on Srimad Bhagavatam.

After the happy encounter and the chat, my little daughter and my 69-year-old mother-in-law, who both went with me to distribute books said, “Well, it looks like you met your sadhu of the day.” Attached are pictures of Billal and his mates. My Arabic caption really works well! Just say Marhaba and see the magic.

Source: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=100638

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