What is this Liberation?Is it just freedom from pain?Freedom from the cycle of birth and deathsought after by holy menSince time immemorial we passthrough lifetiimes of misery,84 lakhs species without respite,going around in a giant wheel moving fast...The human birth is very rare,The topmost rung of the ladder,One step down goes to the lower species,And one step up leads to liberation.But for one who is surrendered,With devotion to the Supreme Lord,Liberation stands with folded hands,At his doorstep waiting to serve......
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  • HariBol!

    I like this, mataji. thanks for sharing =)
  • Liberation from this material world...only to be held captive by the loving embrace of Krishna! Ah...!

    Beautiful poem Mataji. So true. Liberation is the maid servant of one who is dear to Lord Krishna...
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